Немного Нервно - Rise and shine

Песня "Немного Нервно - Rise and shine" с аккордами для гитары.

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(каподастр на втором ладу)

           D                 C                Em
I can see you in the darkness – 
                 D                    C          G
a shadow standing by the window 
                D              C        Em
In my despair I am a widow 
              D                     C    D     G
In my dejection I am a stray dog. 
           D                C       Em
In this land of ever winter 
                D                     C       G
hide your heart under the cover,
              D                 C       Em
hold my hand until it’s over 
           D                 C
In this bitter frozen midnight. 

             Em                 D             Em  
On your wings and my desperate prayer, 
             G                D
Let him soar into the air,
Like a song,
Like a soul,
 D          C 
Let him go. 

after all this trouble years 
Is there anyone who cares? 
are your fighting with your fears? 
as st seems that they are here for me. 
give me strength be sincere 
Silver strings are strung up tightly 
You, my hero, never dying 
You, my black Star, rise and shine in peace. 

On your wings and my desperate prayer, 
Let him soar into the air, 
Like a song, 
Like a soul, 
Let him go.
Расскажи всем! не жалей аккордов :)

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