The Beatles - Here There And Everywhere

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G       Bm
 To lead a better life,
Bb              Am11 D7
 I need my love to be here.
G   Am7 Bm        C     G   Am7
here,    making each day of the year
Bm       C       F#m7     B7
changing my life with a wave of her hand,
F#m7  B7   Em         Am     Am7   D7
Nobody can deny that there`s something there.

There, running my hands through her hair
both of us thinking how good it can be
Someone is speaking, but she doesn`t know he`s there.

chorus: (x2)
 F7     Bb Gm
I want her everywhere
     Cm         D7        Gm
and if she`s beside me I know I need never care.
Cm         D7         G       Am7
but to love her is to need her everywhere
Bm         C     G    Am7
Knowing that love is to share,
Bm       C       F#m7     B7
each one believing that love never dies
F#m7      B7     Em      Am  Am7 D7 (1st time through)
Watching her eyes, and hoping I`m always there.
D7sus4 (2nd time thru)

       G   Am    Bm     C
I will be there,   and everywhere.
G   Am7     Bm     C  G
here, there, and everywhere.

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