Dakooka - Someone and noone

Песня "Dakooka - Someone and noone" с аккордами для гитары.

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-основа-  Em/ Em / C / H7

=//:Em G / C....://--2R=//Em/C/H7/H7//Em/G/ H7/H7...//

=//:Em/Em/C/H7://--2R=//: Em G / C...://--2R

Em(022000) C(332010) H7(x21202) G(320003).

someday i'll see your eyes
somehow you'll draw my pains
someone is a liar
and noone is scared

so you wanna make it good 
so you need to be understood

taking slow and saving me
leaving me
and break it free
leaving up
it's real

feeling low and save up me
leaving me
or break it free
leaving up
it's real

the day that i stand up for close
i know what i'm gonna say
for everything that i have chose
please taking me and driving away

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