onelove - ALONE

Песня "onelove - ALONE" с аккордами для гитары.

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Am - C - Em 

Am - G - Em - D
Am - C - G - D

Tell me can you see me?
I know you can feel it
You're wasting your time
This is all you should know
You're wasting my life and I am dying alone

alone [x4]

You were so silly
It's simple to play with your feelings
You waste all you have
This is all I can see
You try to get back
but you always will be


Tell me what you've wanted?
'cause now I am disappointed
You've just wanted me 
but you've stayed so far
You asked for me
and I know that you are

(chorus) [x2]
Расскажи всем! не жалей аккордов :)

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