onelove - GLUTAMATE

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Em - G - A - G

C - G - A - G

Em - A - G - Em

Low-fat cheese has no good taste
I'm already sure in fact
I like strawberry toothpaste
but allergy will react
Maybe it's an orange pie
Maybe e175
Should I starve or should I die
'cause it's life-threatening life

glutamate I love you [x4]

I wish I could be the best
Mr. Pepper and Mrs. Salt
It's a herecy to bet 
dna won't change a lot
Sometimes I would like to drink
but I guess it's somebody's pee
Tell the water cycle sing
'cause they still swear it is clean


Rot from the inside [x8]

Расскажи всем! не жалей аккордов :)

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